Commercial vehicle painting systems

     Commercial vehicles, buses and industry


Offer carCar truck paint booths

truck paint shop

Energy saving with rotary heat exchangers

High quality German and European production

According to standards CE EN 13355:2004+A1:2009 • Latest technology for energy saving




truck paint shop

Mobile driving and painting in the paint booth?


The paint shops for buses are equipped with folding doors or roller doors.

Depending on the project, the paint mist is extracted from the side or from the lower channel.

The length can be shared, two cars can be painted separately.


truck spray booth

Units on the side, roller door in the middle

commercial vehicle paint shop

Paint mist extraction on the side below

industrial spray booth



Whether painting work takes days or a few hours, you select the appropriate program.

The speed of the high-performance turbines is regulated automatically.

Highly efficient burners are used.

Energy is reused to the greatest possible extent by rotary heat exchangers.



Truck or train painting systems up to 40m long

roller door in the middle, crane

commercial vehicle paint shop

Rail vehicles, train

industrial spray booth