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3D dynamic coating
Latest technology, 3D powder coating










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Product overview

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Complete solutions

From a single source coating line manufacturer





Spray and feeding


Manual coating guns

Corona ring + Quick cleaning

Automatic regulation PCC


  • Perfect results with uniform layer thickness
  • Quick change of operation with pre-programmable option settings
  • User-friendly touchscreen panel
powder coating equipment europe
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17 industrial models

Laboratory set with 5L container

powder coating equipment europe

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Control systems

  • Simple and understandable operation
  • Data and history can be called up
  • Energy saving functions
  • Secure backup
  • Remote maintenance

control units powder coating



Automatic coating guns

Control units



  • PLC-controlled lifting devices
  • Automatic selection of stroke and speed
  • Perfectly synchronized with lifting devices
automatic powder guns
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Feed center

3 main models - PM1, PM2 and PM3

Central powder feed container with powder pumps

Reduced powder consumption

fresh powder supply
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Excellent powder delivery


powder conveying
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Powder Booths

Manual powder booth

Filter or recycling


Powder paint spray booth
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powder coating equipment europe
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Complete systems for small parts

Spray wall

+ curing oven

+ coating devices

+ conveyor system

powder plants
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Automatic powder booth

  • Cyclone or filter with recovery
  • Made of plastic or steel
  • Quick color change
  • Low-noise fans
powder coating equipment europe
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  • Power & Free or Axial
  • Automatic or manual
  • Optimal solutions according to customer requirements
  • High quality standards






Plastic cabins

plastic cabin atex
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Continuous spray washing systems


• Nano technology (Oxsilan, phosphating                  
• Degreasing and pickling                  
• Iron and zinc phosphating lines                  
• Without chrome                  
• Spraying & immersion pretreatment lines                  
• Savings in chemical and water consumption










Powder curing ovens

  • Subsidized or box-shaped designs
  • Tunnel, U-Turn or special designs
  • Energy-efficient and productive
  • Perfect insulation and minimal heat loss
  • Homogeneous air distribution
  • Precise technology & intelligent solutions


baking furnace chamber furnace
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Special dimensions and solutions


powder guns







Manual conveyor systems

Design according to customer requirements



Semi-automatic cross platform

powder coating machines
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