5 Standard features

  1. Energy-saving direct combustion burner

  2. Automatic air volume control

  3. User-friendly high-quality digital control

  4. Higher air volume

  5. Patented 19° walls for clean air flow



spray booth manufacturer europe

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Industry & Cars



gema wagner powder pistol

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Pistol + Cabin + Oven



spray booth

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Powder plants

Plastic cabins + car. Continuous systems



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Powder guns

Sales start 2017





CELIBER paint booths Europe

  • Painting booths for cars and commercial vehicles
  • Painting systems for motor vehicles, cars, trucks, special vehicles, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles
  • Painting boxes
  • Spray booths for furniture or plastic, prototypes
  • Drying plants
  • Combined dryers
  • Solutions for the paint shop / painting workshop / painting center

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ELECTRON Powder Coating Plants