Spray booths for small parts

In all dimensions / variations according to EN16985


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Commercial vehicle industry special dimensions

Multifunctional workstations  preparation workstations


Offer carSmall parts painting booth

Approx. 100x painting booths in Germany, Switzerland and Austria!

Since 1981 - formerly CELETTE - like the world-famous straightening benches



Length: 5, 4 or 3 meters

Width & height see below

Small parts paint box and paint container for outdoor installation


Consumes only approx. 5 € / hour

approx. 4 times less than a 7x4m paint booth

+ approx. 25% gas with direct gas surface burner, fast and low-maintenance

+ approx. 20% with 2x frequency converters

+ 50% heating energy with aluminum cross flow

Finds space everywhere - CELIBER! (formerly Celette like the benches)


paint boothpaint booth


3-meter paint booth - Perfectly designed!

Closed small paint shop for small parts approx. 3x3 to 5x4m

Industrial parts of all kinds

as well as car parts such as fenders, hoods, bumpers, doors, trunk lids, wheel rims, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Similar to a painting container , unit above the cabin, on the side or behind.


Installation outside with roofing (on site) possible.


Floor extraction, full grating, base 30cm (also with ramp) 
Wall extraction without base L-shape combined, eg 1m floor + 2m wall



Inside dimensions in [m]

L: 3| 4 | 5 
B: 3 | 4H 
: 2.3| 3


engine group:

on cabin ceiling, room height at least 3.8m


side / rear, room height at least 3m


Outside with canopy (on site)

paint booth




  • Fresh air gas surface burner, saves approx. 25%
  • Frequency converter for air volume control (optional)
  • Analogue control or touchscreen computer control with cost control.(Gas and Electric)
  • LED lighting
  • folding door or sliding door


paint boothpaint booth




Also as perfectSupplement / solution as a 2nd dryer or paint boothto an existing spray booth.

Cars / large parts are still painted and dried in the large spray booth,

Small parts in the paint box!



paint boothpaint booth


paint boothpaint booth


paint booth


painting container

Mobile and suitable for outdoor installation.No rental

To hang up parts, own manual sliding track for 100kg/m


paint booth

Inner length x width x height: 6 x 2.9 x 2.3 m