Since 1998, active in 47 countries (2021)



pulverofenburn-in powder coating

Electron has been developing and producing powder coating equipments completely in-house since 2017.

Complex automatic powder coating systems have  been delivered turnkey worldwide since 1998 !






  • Experience as a manufacturer since 1998
  • High production capacity
  • short delivery time
  • Fair prices also for spare parts
  • Excellent trained employees and engineers
  • Research & development
  • Certified worldwide
  • All from a single source


powder guns






pulverofenburn-in powder coating






powder guns


• Nano technology (Oxsilan, phosphating
• Degreasing and pickling
• Iron and zinc phosphating lines
• Without chrome
• Spraying & immersion pretreatment lines
• Savings in chemical and water consumption







Conveyor systems

• Power & Free or Axial
• Automatic or manual
• Optimal solutions according to customer requirements
• High quality standards



• Cyclone or filter with recovery
• Made of plastic or steel
• Quick color change • Low-
noise fans

burn-in powder coating





Powder ovens

• Subsidized or box-shaped designs
• Tunnel, U-Turn or special designs
Energy-efficient and productive
• Perfect insulation and minimal heat loss
• Homogeneous air distribution
• Precise technology & intelligent solutions


powder guns





Special solutions

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special dimensions

Control systems

• Simple and understandable operation
• Data and history can be called up
• Energy saving functions
• Secure backup
• Remote maintenance

control units powder coating



electron handanlagen



Automatic coating

• Quick change of operation with pre-programmable option settings
• Automatic selection of stroke and speed
• User-friendly touchscreen panel
• 99 recipes. Last working time and
• The entire working time can be saved
• PLC-controlled lifting devices

burn-in powder coating


• Perfect results with uniform layer thickness
• Accelerated production
• Perfectly synchronized with lifting devices
• Central powder feed container with powder pumps
• Jerk-free, fast and precise movement for even coating
• Reduced powder consumption

automatic coating





Professional service - turnkey delivery

pulverofenburn-in powder coating





pulverofenburn-in powder coating