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Product overview





Products overview

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Manual powder booth

Filter cabins  1-5 Filter

Suspension  booth spray booth

Spray wall  mobile 1-5

Pass-through  booth 6-10 filters

    Chamber furnace

    Continuous furnace

    Up to 200 ° C

    Up to 450 ° C



    Powder center


    Pump delivery


    Manual powder gun

    Corona Handpistolen

    Corona ring + quick cleaning

    Trolley vibration table

    50 liter container

    With pump delivery  up to 450g / hour

    Laboratory set with 5L container

    Suitcase set

    Automatic Beschichtungskabinen

    Cyclone cabin

    Custom  cabins

    Plastic cabin

    Steel cabin


    Project overall system

    Rim set

    Special dimensions


    1-5 rails

    Conveyor chain

    partition wall

    Double doors

    Sliding doors


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    Technical specifications


    3D drawings

    Payment terms

    delivery time

    Automatic powder spray guns

    The automatic pistol

    Hub devices robot scanner


    To adjust

    Build remodel video

    Instructions manual PDF

    Catalog accessories & spare parts

    Powder coating booths

    • Manual powder booth
    • 1-5 rails 500kg 1ton
    • Polyesterfilter
    • Nano-coated filters
    • Post-filter for the exhaust air
    • Manual filter cleaning
      • Automatically
    • Powder coating trolley
    • Control analog
      • Digital Siemens
    • Extra-quiet
    • Atex-konform
    • Ex components
    • lighting
    • Unit on the side
      • back
    • heater
      • electric
      • Gas / Öl

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    • Automatically
    • Manually
    • Dichtstrom Pumpensystem
    • Suitcase set
    • Funnel gun


    wagner sprint

    Control units

    gema optiflex


    Automobile. Spray guns

    automatic powder gun


    Laboratory equipment

    Cup gun funnel



    The powder booth

    Powder paint spray booth



    Powder ovens

    baking furnace chamber furnace



    Small complete systems

    Spray wall + baking oven + coating devices + conveyor system

    Small parts / rims

    powder plants


    powder coating machines



    Manual conveyor systems

    Halbautomatischer Transfer

    semi-automatic meeh

    Hand conveyor

    meeh jumbo



    Box-Transfer mit Hubstation

    Manual sliding track - parking spaces

    Design according to customer requirements

    conveyor track

    Cross platform - trusses

    Design according to customer requirements





    Powder coating lines

    automatically coat atex

    Turnkey - worldwide!

    From the first sketch to commissioning


    Plastic cabins

    plastic cabin atex

    Industrial contract coating

    turnkey powder coating systems



    Lifting devices / coating robots

    coating robot nordson

    individual solutions

    project powder plant drawing



    Chemical preparation

    Immersion cleaning


    Continuous spray systems




    Powder management

    Semi-car. Powder center


    Fully automatic

    fresh powder supply




    Excellent powder delivery

    powder conveying

    With cart and lance

    application pump



    We offer complete solutions from a single source! Turnkey

    • Pretreatment
    • Automatic washing booths or plunge pools
    • Powder booths of all kinds
    • Drying chamber, stoving oven
    • Manual or automatic spray guns
    • Conveyor systems of all kinds