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Electron powder coating device

Prices from 2100 € / 2340 CHF

Variations see below




Manual coating gun - Quick and Flexible


Control Master + Corona Ring + Quick Cleaning Module

Ask our customers* !    Electron powder coating systems completeElectron Powder Coating Plants





Key components from Switzerland, Germany and Jan





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5+ Standard Features

  1. Efficient and precise for perfect results

  2. Automatic control of charging voltage

  3. User-friendly control

  4. Cleaning / color change quickly with module

  5. Fair prices on wear parts

  • Electron is a global brand, worldwide demo for free !

  • 2 or 5 year warranty

  • Spare parts from stock D and CH

  • Fast service, uncomplicated solution, if necessary Replacement


  • Powder gun C1 with remote control
  • Control unit Master, Digital, simplest operation
  • All hoses, cables

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Comparison table powder coating guns

Manufacturer / Type Electron
Competition W
Competition N
Competition G
List price net €3,700 €5,500 €6,900 €6,900
2. Replacement pistol €1,250 €2,500 €2,500 €2,500
Spare parts cost Fair Expensive Expensive Overpriced
Quality wear parts good - very good Very good Very good Very good
Wear parts 6 months 515 € 980 € 980 € €1,100
Wear parts 4.5 years €2,318 €4,410 €4,410 €4,950
Total incl. 5years €7,783 €13,390 €14,790 €15,450
Coating results Very good Well Very good Very good
Components Origin Switzerland, D, TR, Japan Ka Ka Ka
Maintenance and service quickly uncomplicated Ka Ka Ka
Corona Ring Price 220 € 280 € 280 € 320 €
Guarantee 2 + 3* years Ka Ka Ka
Analog control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital screen Yes No No Yes
Counter for wear parts Yes Ka Ka Ka
Car. Regulation mA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control Yes Ka Ka Yes
Jump between Two recipes Yes Ka Ka Yes
various nozzles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Venturi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pump / Sealing current Yes Ka Yes Ka
Quick change rinsing module Yes Ka Ka Yes
100kV Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable Yes Yes Yes Yes
1x Yes Yes Yes Yes
double Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complete. Parts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Faraday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rotating controller head Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fine Yes Yes Yes Yes
ATEX Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes


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Videos from practice

video test experience powder pistol electron 720p HD (please set)

Flat parts powder coating

Excellent electrostatics - powder quantity is saved

Complicated parts powder coating

Quick adjustment via remote control


Result of the coating

Decide for yourself: video below






Order powder coating devices

9 Models + Lab Set + Automatic


Control units Basic, Master, Pro


Basic B


Powder gun C1 with remote control






Master M with vibrating table


Basic H with container




Type designations


Master: Digital display with blue backlight

Per: Analog + multiple programs

Coating results and quality is identical


B: Only pistol and control unit

H: Trolley with container

M: Trolley with vibrating table for powder coating board (Multicolor)



Laboratory set - Spray gun with container

Suitable for very small amounts (not for rims)







Small amounts of powder coating for testing purposes




ELECTRON Powder Spray Gun C1

Fine regulation quickly and easily

- Remote control via spray gun

- precise corona charging

- Powder spray quantity under control

- 50 coating recipes possible

- Color change convenient and fast

Manual powder gun

Ergonomic design - 510gr lightweight

Automatic control by distance

8x Automatic powder guns

Work exactly with lifting devices and achieve high efficiency.





  • Voltage Multiplier System that delivers feedback signals
  • Body coated from anti-static additive
  • Maximum comfort even in long-term operation with 510 grams and new generation ergonomic structure in manual types
  • Safe special PUR sheath cable
  • Fast hose / color change
  • Easy cleaning with special design electrode and nozzle types
  • ATEX II 2 D, IP64 Protection class
  • Universal, processes different types of powders and part structures


Nozzles and accessories


Spare parts and consumables



Videos from practice

video test experience powder pistol electron 720p HD (please set)

Flat parts powder coating

Excellent electrostatics - powder quantity is saved

Complicated parts powder coating

Quick adjustment via remote control




Settings - Electrostatic powder coating


Demonstation ease of use

  1. kV = high voltage in KiloVolt
  2. A = spray current in microampere = 35 A
  3. E = total air = 4.0 Nm3/h
  4. % = powder ejecing content = 60%
  5. Recipe No. 3
  1. kV KiloVolt = 90.000V = 90 kV
  2. A Microampere = 3.5 10-5 A = 35 A
  3. E 4.0 Nm3/h or lt/min
  4. % = powder ejecing content = 60%
  5. Recipe No. 3


1. kV Kilovolt high voltage

The higher the setting, the stronger the charge.

As a rule, the following

  • the more detailed and complex the part, the lower the CT setting.
  • High settings are ideal for flat parts and for the outside of box-like parts.


    Professional quality powder guns such as electron typically have a maximum voltage adjustment of up to 100 kV.

    A good starting point is a setting of 50 to 80 kV for the application of a single layer or first layer.

    When applying a second layer, a lower kV setting can provide the best results.



    kV is the symbol for KiloVolt = 1000 volts.

    It is a unit of measurement that indicates how much electrical charge an electrostatic powder gun can produce.

    The kV setting changes the voltage that charges the powder particles when they leak through the gun.


    High kV setting can help

    • Improve transmission efficiency (more powder particles in part)
    • increase the distance between the gun and the part.
    • to obtain a very uniform cover on flat surfaces.


    ... learn more




    Rims powder-coated

    Test layers possible !

    Powder gun

    Hand cabins for small parts - rims



    We offer complete solutions from a single source ! Turnkey

    • Powder cabins
    • Also with additional filter unit or cyclone separator
    • Ovens - dryers and kilns
    • Hand systems for coating
    • Hand slide track or horde wagon to drive in



    Powder cabins for rim coating

    Powder gun






    Test experience powder coating with ELECTRON

    Angular parts powder coated made easy

    Result of the coating:


    • Excellent electrostatics

    • Uniform powder output


    Efficient coating of edges is always a challenge !

    Did Electron do well?

    Decide for yourself by clicking on the images of the section

    In high resolution 5MB each

    Picture1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7